Our Work


Farm Stay UK

Brace have been working with Farm Stay for several years, where we first adopted their website/booking-engine built by another company where we maintained and enhanced upon this.  Last year we built Farm Stay’s new website/booking-engine to work well on all devices for great user experience, more stable and to run faster.  This has proven very successful and working along with the SEO on this website, we have learnt and implemented further improvements for wider exposure.

Proudly load-tested to over six times the demand with response times sub-second, this is a fine example of the Brace team’s work to build, deliver and host a superb up to date e-commerce website.



FC Milnes

This website has been built by the Brace team to bring a fresh front facing appearance to FC Milnes Hearing Aid web presence. Brace has been working with FC Milnes for over a year now, supporting and maintaining their existing websites, linked up with their back-office systems.

FC Milnes bring hearing aid experts to you where you can compare hearing aids in your own environment. The web presence illustrates the services and benefits appropriately.



Windsor Reclamation

Having started by porting their website in to the Brace hosting environment, we are proud to say that we have since rebuilt this website bringing it up to date and making it responsive for the varied visitor devices. This is just what’s needed by the visitor on-site when they need to locate bricks to do the job with the ability to upload photos along with their enquiry.

As part of the build, we added additional virus checking measures for picture uploads which add to the reassurances of the many leads this website generates for the customer.



Stay In A Pub

We started working with Stay in a Pub from their starting point, providing them with a booking engine for their pubs with accommodation as the full package from analysis through to launch and beyond. Brace always aim to provide continued support with our customers beyond project delivery to help ensure the solution delivers good value to our customers needs.

This offers great opportunity for pubs to let out rooms giving another revenue stream to this struggling industry.

Stay in a Pub now has over 1500 pubs on the system and is growing from strength to strength.



Smith+Co Consultancy

Brace IT took on a project for Smith Co after their site was built by another developer, they had to pick up the pieces and deliver to a high quality. Working on the project was Josh, their front end developer, and Nick their managing director. Both of their skills were applied to deliver the website and the project was a huge success.

We are so proud to say that we have recently launched the website in January and are delighted that Smith Co are just as happy with result than we are.


Clients we work with include…