We don’t state to be masters of everything; we’re basically just great website developers who now and again call upon our partners to help out with other tech stuff such as payment systems, optimised search performance and other such crucial stuff that now and again is needed to make what we build even better.


Sage Pay Logo

Sage Pay is the UK’s most recommended payment gateway provider with a comprehensive standard-package solution for the lowest overall cost. Our partnership with Sage Pay allows us to offer our clients a payment solution to transform their websites true business potential.



Dotlabel have more than 10 years experience in digital strategy, design and production, providing solutions across all areas of digital marketing, from creating highly effective website designs to fully engaging the users experience to highly complex B2B user interfaces.
Brace iT has worked closely with the owners of Dotlabel for several years with good knowledge of their working practices.


Net Visibility Logo

Net Visibility optimise business websites for improved customer visibility with their primary Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.
We work very closely with Net Visibility to enhance and widen our offered services with experts in their field which has a very successful proven track record.


PlanB Logo

Plan B DR is a UK company that provides a revolutionary, managed disaster recovery and local file backup service. Plan B take snapshot backups of their client’s servers and automatically convert these to run on remote virtual servers at their offsite data-centres. Using this technology Plan B can replace client’s servers within 30 minutes.
Through our relationship with Plan B we can incorporate the service into our client solutions to provide truly effective disaster recovery protection at about 20% of the cost of traditional warm standby approaches.


Redhat Logo

Red Hat is the leader in enterprise Linux and is the most recognised open source brand in the world. Red Hat serve global enterprises with technology and services made possible by the open source model. Solutions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, and a broad range of management and services: consulting, 24×7 support, Red Hat Network. Brace iT has partnered with Red Hat in providing full enterprise solutions to our customers using Red Hat’s open source supported technologies and related services.