Have You Tried “Slack” ?

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If you work with a team and spend a lot of time dealing with Emails you might want to take a look atSlack.

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that saves a lot of time and makes your team a lot more effective!
You will find a lot of tools that you can use on Slack such as Bots that can automate some specific tasks, and you will also be able to link several utilities such as Skype, GitHub, Nagios etc.. to your Slack account.
In Slack You create open channels where your team can talk about a specific subject and that anyone in your team can join or private channels that are accessible only by the invited users.

There is also a Slack smartphone application so that you can use Slack whenever you want!

There is a lot for you to discover about Slack,
Take a look at:www.slack.com

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