London Rock Project

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London Rock got in contact for an online solution when they realised that their current storage of information wasn’t secure, they documented all of their work in a book where they wrote bookings for jobs and materials. This made them cautious because of the high risk of losing all of their clients sensitive information and logs, they stressed their concerns and in return we were able to provide them with options that ultimately reduced their risk and improved their productivity.

So who are London Rock?

London Rock provide industrial materials for land development services, they were established In 1996 and built a reputation for quality and reliability through extensive work within the construction industry.

Where did we start?

Declan our back end developer started building their system from scratch, it involved many technologies that were new to him such as Elasticsearch and angular 2.

Elasticsearch is how the data is stored and how you search upon the data when you require the information, we used this over MySQL because its quicker and easier to find data.

Angular 2 is how the information is viewed so it’s all linking nicely together, Declan often had conference calls and meetings in order to discuss what was the next step such as the design and any features they wanted on the website. He communicated with Elliot and Katherine, our two primary contacts running the London Rock project. Their involvement included discussions with Declan and Nick our Managing Director to keep up to date with the project itself including any milestones we had faced.


One milestone we faced was handling the information on the server side, Declan had to ensure that the information provided was being stored correctly and securely. Verifying that the data would be called from the front end, ready to be presented to the user. Then it was the case of producing a UI through html and angular 2 that would allow the user to easily add, view and edit information stored server side.

To conclude, Brace IT have gained some valuable skills from working with London Rock as well as a lasting relationship based on loyalty and trust. Take a look at their website for yourself: