Privacy Policy

This document is going to convey how Brace IT obtains, stores and uses information about you in compliance with GDPR laws.

Data Controller : Brace IT
Name of Data Protection Officer (DPO): Nick West
Email Address of DPO:
Tel Number of DPO: 020 7117 6110

How we collect and obtain information about you:

1) When you provide it to us i.e. by contacting us via telephone or email
2) From using our website, our cookies.
3) Referrals from clients

Information we collect

Brace IT will collect information such as your name, companies name, address, and contact details including your email, phone and mobile, website and information from cookies. This information is needed so that Brace IT can contact you when necessary and find out how you use our website i.e. the pages you have viewed, the time you viewed them and what you clicked on – for more information see our cookie policy via our website.

How we use your information

Brace IT will use your information to improve our business, by advertising the work we’ve completed for you via our website and social media channels. The information you provide will be used to contact you when appropriate or when requested and we may use your information for blogs, posts and other marketing collateral such as testimonials.
Do we disclose or sell information to third parties

Brace IT will only disclose or sell information to third parties if you permit us to do so, we will always make you aware of any information shared.

How long we retain your information

We will hold information for no longer than necessary, taking into account legal obligations we have (e.g. to maintain records for tax purposes). Any other legal basis will be compliant with a written contract that we have established, we will only retain this data for as long as it is current and verifiable. In some cases we may keep data for longer periods of time depending on the value of that data and the ongoing relationship formed.

How we secure your information

Brace IT stores databases on a secure server that is only accessible locally on live environments, this is always secured with authentication to the DB once passed through the other two layers of authentication to get to it. Sensitive data is secured via encryption, all passwords are one-way encrypted.

We do not hold any sensitive personal information and do not permit you to send us sensitive information that is not required.

Use of cookies

we use cookies on our website including essential, functional and analytical cookies. You may turn off the ability to track cookies and still use our site, however you browsing experience may not be as simple should you choose to do so.

Your rights in relation to your information

to access your information and to receive information about its use
to have your information corrected and/or completed
to have your information deleted (Right to be forgotten)
to restrict the use of your information
to receive your information in a portable format
to object to the use of your information
to withdraw your consent to the use of your information
to complain to a supervisory authority


The name below identify that we agree with the statements made in this document and am aware of GDPR laws regarding customers privacy.

Nick West – Director