Diagnostics and Monitoring


Our real-time systems diagnostics and monitoring is used for business-critical websites and works on both dedicated and cloud based multi-tiered server environments.

Originally developed to monitor our own in-house systems, we expanded this clever software to then use on our own web build clients and then further still, as a stand-alone product for e-commerce production environments where up-time and performance is critical.

In an age where web presence is so important, down-time or even just user performance could mean lost revenue and business marketing opportunities.

Our software sits on top of the hosting provider and applies continuous checks of operating parameters, applications specifications, applications servers, databases and file sever activity; checking for stability, performance and general health of the hosting platform.

By employing real-time diagnostics with warning notifications, our technical team are often able to catch potential failures before they occur; however, against such notifications, our team then makes physical checks and assign corrective actions.

Critical alerts are delivered by email and SMS text messaging with automated ticketing providing a fully audited history of failure and recovery.

Hosting provider and customer can access our internal system through a user-friendly dashboard, to view ticketing and audit tracks as well as being able to catch a real-time overview of the platform status; an automated server inventory also identifies and records hardware, software and patching configuration changes.

Brace iT is ITIL accredited and ensures conformity to IT industry best practices.