Smith Co Project

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Smith Co are a team of consultants with a passion to deliver stand-out customer experiences, focusing on sales and marketing, customer service, contact centers and human resources. They have worked with the likes of Burberry, PayPal, 02 and Premier Inn and are experts in their field.

Brace IT started on a new project with Smith Co back In February 2017, working on this was our front-end developer Josh and Nick our Managing Director. Before the project they both travelled to Birmingham to discuss Smith Co’s current situation and what they expected, giving Brace a good indication to when the project will be delivered in conjunction with the effort required for their demands. With the fundamentals outlined and a mutual understanding between both parties established, the rejuvenation of Smith Co began.

Smith Co involved team members Tim and Claire, who worked alongside Ed a graphic designer to discuss options such as themes, colour schemes and user-friendly layouts. This allowed us to have a clear vision and bring their designs to life as well as excel their expectations. However due to unforeseen circumstances, Smith Co was not able to provide us with content at the acquired time, consequently both Nick and Josh had their hands tied and as a result the project slowed down. To speed up the process there was an arranged weekly conference call to chase up one another on our advancements and what we needed to progress, strengthening our communication and trust.

The team at Brace had multiple hurdles to face, initially there was some challenges such as rectifying the previous site for the new design, as well as dealing with a lack of content that left us stalled for a period. This delay meant the delivery of the site was later and launched in January 2018, 3 months after the due date. The result was a website built on a modern and dynamic design with subtle animations that compliment the features and changes applied, the quality high regardless of setbacks.

During the build process, Josh ensured the pages were mobile and tablet friendly (responsive) to ensure the best user experience and Heather added a steer to ensure the website was SEO friendly. These considerations helped Smith Co achieve their desires as well as gave us a clear direction and focus, overall the project was a success and both parties are very pleased with the outcome presented.

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